News: M28 in Latin America

Published 7 April 2017, 17:58

The Sikorsky-PZL M28 turboprop airplane has demonstrated short-takeoff and landings and tactical missions to the Brazilian Army as part of a two-month tour of Latin America. Photo: Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin

Sikorsky- PZL has this week exhibited the M28 turboprop in Rio de Janeiro during the LAAD Defence & Security trade show (April 4-7).

The attendance at the show followed the type demonstrating its short take-off and landing and tactical mission capbilities to the Brazilian Army and other transport operators in Manaus and Brasília.

It demonstrated an ability to take off with up to 2,300kg (5,000lb) of cargo in 548m (1,800ft) of runway length.

The M28 is undertaking a two-month tour of Latin America.

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