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News: Mirage IVA to begin its journey to Yorkshire museum

Published 20 March 2017, 16:23

The Mirage IVA at its previous home, the Citée des Sciences Museum in Paris. IMAGE COURTESY YORKSHIRE AIR MUSEUM

Dassault Mirage lVA EA BR No.45 will begin its journey to Elvington's Yorkshire Air Museum on Monday, March 27. It will commence its road and sea transportation from Chateaudun Air Force Base, southwest of Paris en route to its new home. It's expected to arrive on or around March 30.

The journey will take up to four days with the convoy travelling to Le Havre and then with Brittany Ferries to Portsmouth, and from there via London M25/M1 to York. It is expected to arrive at the museum on March 30. Exact timings cannot be given, due to the complexity of the logistical operation, but a dedicated website has been set up to provide up to date information, pictures, background, and history:

Social media and live film streaming via the Museum Film Unit travelling with the convoy will be available free via:




This is the first time that a strategic nuclear bomber has been gifted directly to an independent museum of a different nation, and reflects the Elvington attraction’s close connections with the French Air Force. During World War Two, the Yorkshire base was home to two French heavy bomber squadrons, comprising 2,300 personnel. Destined to be the only Mirage IV on display in Britain, the 77ft long, Mach 2.2-capable jet was previously an exhibit at the Citée des Sciences Museum in Paris.

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