News: News from Airbus - A350-1000 completes extreme cold weather testing in Iqaluit

Published 15 March 2017, 17:16

Three years after the A350-900s visit, the new A350-1000 MSN071 test aircraft returned from a successful cold-weather trial to Iqaluit, Canada, during which the aircraft underwent five days of intensive testing at outside air temperatures of between -28 and -32C, and dropping as low as -37C during an overnight cold soaking. The aircraft and systems were operated under conditions that reflected normal operations and beyond. Fully satisfactory and successful behaviours were demonstrated over the course of the ground and flight tests performed, consolidating the already proven maturity and reliability of the A350 XWB Family. Cold weather trials are one of the most difficult testing environments for an aircraft. Shortly after returning from these cold weather tests, the aircraft embarked to La Paz in Bolivia to demonstrate its ability to land and take off at this high-altitude airport.

All three A350-1000 flight test aircraft (MSN059, MSN071 and MSN065) are engaged in the ongoing Type Certification campaign, during which the aircraft will be pushed to extreme limits well beyond what they should ever face during normal in-service operations. Overall the A350-1000s non-stop flight test campaign is on track, its fuel efficiency in line with predictions, and is benefitting from the maturity of the in-service A350-900.

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